A letter to my love!

On March 12,2022, you came to my life unexpectedly. Never knew how my life is going to look like in the next few months.Being with you, I adored my each and every single day of that period.

You made me fell in love all over again, when I almost forgot how to love someone and myself.

I enjoyed every single moment I spent with you, be it a cooking or eating or taking a long midnight walk along with you holding hands.

If I had a time machine, I would go back in the time and relive those precious moments all over again. But in reality, it’s not possible.So, here I am thanking you for all the little things you did for me from holding hands while taking a walk on the road or climbing peak of the mountains. Thank you for doing all the craziest things with me, from visiting ATMs for cool fresh air to taking midnight strolls at 24X7 stores for chilled water and ice creams. Thank you for all the amazing memories we created in the city of love and romance, Mumbai.

I will always cherish each and every second which I had spent with you forever and ever. You had and will always be in my prayers and thoughts and Kandivali will always have a special place in my heart.




Two years of Work Life



Hello, my WordPress Family! Today this blog is about the completion of my two years of work life. Pretty crazy no? These two years were so crazy and full of a rollercoaster ride. But, yeah as a person these two years completely changed my personality and my way of thinking about this world. I used to be a person who doesn’t mind to show my emotions. If I feel sad, I will start crying, not in front of everyone but yeah alone may be in the restroom. When I joined my work-life, I was not aware of this corporate world and its horrifying politics. I was just a normal college pass out witnessing and exploring this whole new world. While I was enjoying this new world, deep inside I was scared of this world too. I started my work-life on July 25th, 2018. I joined as a Market Research Associate in a start-up called “Market Research Future” in Pune. I was very zealous about joining my first office, exploring a new phase of life. The first few months were very good, but then I got trapped in some office politics and I was having boss issues as well. These things were totally new for me, I was just a rookie employee, who is just unaware of all these experiences. But I liked said, “experiences”, It taught me a lot of new things, how to handle these situations without getting afraid of it. In these two years, I got engulfed with so many tough situations, it’s even impossible to describe as well. At first, I used to get emotional about these situations, but later I started handling situations smartly rather than being emotional about these work stuff. These two years have taught me how to handle different people and how to talk to them and how to react to difficult circumstances in a smart way.  This starting year of 2020, I joined a new firm Aera Technology as a “Market Research Specialist” and I just completed six months within here. One thing, what I learned from these two years is never take anything at heart, JUST NEVER. If something worse comes in your life, just handle and fought the situation like a warrior, rather getting emotional. Also, “do your best work, because, at the end of the day, your work will speak for you” and that’s what imperative in life. Just go with the flow, and if life throws hurdles at your path, try to surpass those hurdles bravely. This is Life, in the end, all these hurdles are nothing but “collection of experiences”, that will lead you in future and makes you a better person. So, this is it. I am so happy for completing my two years and looking forward to many many more…. Till then, love & luck 🙂


Sunday Secret Story


Hello, my WordPress Family! So, from today onwards I’m going to start my own “Blog Series”  which is “Sunday Secret Story”. In this series, I will be sharing hacks for anything which I opt in my daily life. It can be anything from beauty hacks to homedecor hacks or fashion related hacks. We will see how this series goes…

So, the topic for the today’s “Sunday Secret Story” is “Tips & Tricks for Fresh Looking Face”. 

We the women, always desire to have a fresh looking skin without using make-up. I am the person, who is not really into make-up. In my 25 years of life, I never applied foundation on my face. Becz I know, it’s very pernicious to my skin, although it has some magical results for a few period. So, Instead of purchasing high-end products, I try to prefer taking products from my kitchen( which is cheap & quite beneficial). Using home-made products does wonders to your skin. To keep my skin hydrating & fresh, before going to bed, I just take ice cubes from my fridge, and rub it all over my face. This gives my face an instant glow and you will so fresh from inside as well. The second trick that I use is “applying camphor” on my face. It will help to get rid of your pimples and dark circles. Try using this before going to bed at night. You will able to see the results within a week if you try these tricks daily. Also, last but not least, try drinking plenty of water, at least 12 glasses a day. This is best tip to make your body and skin looks fresh & healthy.


I hope you guys liked all the three tips & tricks I mentioned above. Please let me know what’s your tips & tricks ???

Till then, see ya. Catch you next week with another blog of “Sunday Secret Story”.

Till then,

Love & Light

Day-99 of Lockdown!

8D8646C3-661B-4DDE-A05B-DBB7632CF381Hey, My WordPress family! It’s been a long time, I didn’t write anything, like a lot of things were happening in my life. Same as before, I was engulfed with my office work( by god grace) and house chores. Life is pretty unpredictable though. We never thought, something like Cornovirus would come in our world and we will be trapped within our four walls for like months. Pretty weird no? Going through this phase is not easy. Sometimes I feel alone, I feel like crying, sometimes I feel happy. All of the mixed emotions are going around my life. Every night, I sleep thinking, tomorrow everything will become sorted. We will be free like before. You know, we used to whine and ramble about our office routine always. But now see, due to this lockdown we are begging that we can go back to the office again. Nobody knows when things will become sorted and when we will go back to our daily life. I miss my friends, I miss going out on weekends, going to watch movies. Everything is now on a halt. But what I am thinking right now, It’s better if we make most out of this time we have. So, I decided to use this time in a more productive way to burgeon myself. So, I recently started learning new words and idioms daily at least 5 to 10 words each day. So, till date, I have learned almost 100 words. It’s amazing. I feel so good. Also, I am utilizing my time by improving my skills with the Udemy course. This will later help to update my resume. Also, at night, I watch my fav Turkish drama and Dark series on Netflix( which I lately started). So, this how I keep my serenity by engaging with these activities. So, let’s hope everything becomes better soon and we all come out of this happy and healthy.

Till then, take care

Love & luck




First Post of 2020

ECA9A394-457A-4291-85D8-831A7DB54ADFHEY MY WORDPRESS FAM!!! Hope you’ll are doing great!!!

It’s been a months that I posted a blog, as I was too busy with my work life and in between I was ill as well. So, last day I decided to resume my writing as I got some time from my work routine these days (thanks to Coronavirus).  I have never thought that we would face this situation in our lives, where we all were stuck in our homes for months. It’s almost a month that I haven’t stepped out from my home. I just pray that we are safe and sound during this pandemic event.

So, as you guys know that I stay in Pune as I have a job there. The first case of Covid-19 in Maharastra, India was in Pune. When everyone got the information, I thought it won’t be that serious, it’s only just a one case. Then, eventually cases started increasing day by day and people started panicking. This is happening in the month of Mid-Feb. Still, after all this, we were going to our offices and doing our normal routine work. Then on 15th of Feb, we got a mail from our CEO that we need to do work from home. Then, I decided that I should better leave Pune and go back to my parents home, Indore. And, it was a good decision indeed. Luckily, I got a bus from Pune to Indore on 16th Feb, Sunday and I reached on Monday morning. On Monday, the Maharastra govt. announced a state lockdown and all the transport will remain shut. Thankfully, I took a good decision to came back to my parents place, otherwise I would been stuck in Pune all alone. Day by day, things were getting crazy in India, the numbers were increasing, people are panicking more and packing buying grocery. Everything was crazy. And the lockdown increased for 21 days more. Earlier I thought it would be fun staying home, but then when days passed, the situation become terrible. I can’t put in my words, what I was feeling. Just doing office work, eating, and sleeping. This was my only routine during the quarantine. All the days were looking similar, no excitement for weekends. When we were coming closed to 21 days, the govt again extended the lockdown till April 30th so as to contain the spread as the numbers were still increasing.

So, this what happened in my life till now. I am planning to write one blog each day atleast during this lockdown.

Hope you like my blogs. See ya tom, till then Stay safe!

Midnight Monday!

Hey guys, good morning!

This would be my first post which I’ll posting so early in the morning. Actually, I couldn’t been able to sleep. Maybe, I slept for straight 3hours in the afternoon. Also, I woke up at 12 noon on Sunday morning. Anyways, problem is I’m not able to sleep and I have office tomorrow.

When you can’t sleep, your brains starts thinking a lot about everything. You start thinking about what will happen in future, this and that. In between I was thinking about my life problems and planning how to tackle it. Truth is, I can never tackle my problems, it’s just that I have to start accepting my problems. You have to accept what’s happening in your life, whether it’s good or bad. Start’s accepting it. And after that, move on , pull yourself up. This is only solution to live happily. I don’t know what will happen and where I will be in the coming years. Maybe, there are some chances I won’t be there. So, it’s better to start living your each day with fullest ❤️

This is it! LIVE EACH DAY!


Till then,

Love & luck


Lipstick Love Affair!!


Lately, I started loving to apply lipstick on lips. If you know me in person, then you would know that I’m not a very make-up person. For me, using Compact, Lipstick, and Kajal is perfect go to look. So, recently I got three new shades from Nkyaa App.

Nkyaa has recently launched mini-matte lipshades under its home brand. The price of the lipstick is also a good deal. So, I got my hands on these three beautiful shades- Boho, Gul, and Mishti mentioned in pictures below. Out, of these three shades, my favorite is Boho shade (which is pinkish in color)- suitable for both office and weekend looks. Bonus point is, the price of this cute mini-matte lipstick is just 239 bucks each. Best part what I like about this lipstick is that it’s transfer free and can last almost 5-6 hrs without the need of application (which is quite good w.r.t price).

Nykaa Mini Matte Shade- Boho

Nkyaa Mini Matte Shade- Gul

Nkyaa Mini Matte Shade- Mishti

So, guys I finally found my perfect shade for all looks. If you also like these shades, then you get your hands on these lipstick using the links mentioned in the blogs.

Also, if you guys like such contents then do let me know in the comment section.

Till Then,

Love & Shine,


A perfect Date Look!!!

Hey guys, so today I’m blogging about “How to get a perfect date look”. So, let’s get started. So to be frank, I’m not a big fan of makeup, I am more into simple makeup as it looks more natural.

1. Dress 👗

The dresses I prefer to wear on dates are more simple and elegant. The colours I basically opt to wear are black, white, peach, and olive green. I will post the picture of myself wearing white cotton shorts paired up with a white crop top. This looks so elegant and sexy at the same time. If you’re not comfortable with the look then, you can layer this up with denim jacket/shirt. Also, I didn’t wear any jewel as to keep this look very simple.


2. Makeup

As a base, I used Nivea creme to keep my face moisture. After that, I used ponds cream to give a pinkish touch. After applying creme, I applied Lakme Kajal and Maybelline mascara to give a perfect touch. For lips, I used boutique lip balm to keep my lips moisture. After that, I applied Nkyaa new matte lip colour which is in shade-boho. I will provide a picture of the lipstick below. This lipstick is super affordable and also last long. It only cost 250 bucks. You can get your hands on to this lipstick using Nkyaa app.

Nkyaa mini matte lipstick in shade- Boho


I paired this look with flat glossy shoes that I purchased from Reliance footwear store. This is also super affordable only 499 bucks.


I wore a yellow bag to complete this look. This bag is popping out on this look, giving an elegant yet sexy look. Basically, I got this bag from my nearby Miniso store.

Bag from Miniso- a Japanese store

So, this my simple yet sexy summer date look. Hope you guys liked it. If you guys want such more content, do let me know in the comment section.

Till then love & luck!!


Mauve is the new nude!! 🌸🌸

Hola my WordPress family!!! Happy Thursday y’all!!

Today, I’m here to give a review of my new mauve dress that I purchased from forever 21. So, let’s get started 🌟 🌟

To be frank, I have been eyeing on this mauve dress for so so long, can’t even tell you guys. One year back, I saw this dress on the insta blogger page. So, I started stalking this dress on different online website but didn’t find anywhere. Then one day I was just checking forever 21 webpage, there I found this dress. The day I saw this dress, I knew it was made for me. But, after finding the dress on the website, got to know that it’s costly( obvious though as it’s from f 21). The price of the dress was around 1800-2000bucks, which is pretty costly for me. Although, I’m a fashion savy, I still calculate a lot before purchasing anything. So, I waited for sale to come. But unfortunately, there was no sale near. One day, I went to the f21 store in my nearby mall. There was some 50% sale going on. I thought to check if I find that dress or not. Luckily, I found the dress and it was on discount. I suddenly grabbed that dress and went to the trial room. The dress was definitely made for me only. Then I went to counter and billed the dress. On the next weekend, I decided to wear this dress for weekend brunch. The dress was literally appreciated by all of my friends.

Mauve dress🌸

A perfect dress for day out date plans!!! I kept the look very simple and paired this dress with matching shoes.

I hope you guys enjoyed this look. If you guys also liked this dress. I will share the link of this product down below.

Also guys, I decided to post blogs daily as I’m close to my b’day month. This is something new I planned this year. #28daysleftfor25

Till then,

love and shine🌸🌼


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Skin Care Products Review!!

Hey guys!!! Happy Wednesday!!

So, today I’m gonna share my review on two skin care products from @biotique which I purchased from health and glow store. The two products that I got from @biotique are lip balm and papaya scrub.

Well, I’m person having chapped skin round the year. I tried variety of lip balms from various brands like Vaseline, Himalaya, and H&G. But, all these products disappointed me. And thereafter, I started avoiding using any lip balms and switched to normal coconut oil for lip care during night. Although it gives good result, but you can’t use it at office (obvious). So, one day I was reading blogs and I read few biotique lip balm reviews. The reviews were pretty good. So, I decided to give a shot. After using the product, I felt my lips softer and moistured for almost 8-9 hrs, even after eating food(Amazing no!) . Moreover, I started using this lip balm over lipstick that helps to stay lip care for longer duration. Also, the price of the lip balm is pretty easy on your pockets just 170 bucks, although I got this product for 140 bucks as there was 20% discount on health & glow store. Well, one should definitely give a try to this product. You can also find this product on @mynkykaa app. I will link down the product below.


So, moving on to my next product which is biotique papaya tan-removal scrub. I started using this product since two weeks and the results were pretty good. After applying the product, keep it for 10-15 mins and let it dry. Then wash it using lukewarm water. You will feel amazing after washing your face. It makes your skin moistured, soft, and add glow to your skin. Also, the amount that you receive in the product is very good with the price. The price for this product is around 140 bucks which is pretty good. Bonus point, it’s completely organic. You can get your hands on this product with using nkyaa app. I will link down the product below.

So guys, do let me know how did you like this product review blog. I will be back soon with more product reviews. Also, if you want to follow me on Instagram, here is my Instagram handle name -justneedaways. Do follow me 🙂

Till then,

Love & Luck 💜