Adios College Life!!!

Hola everyone!!!

So, finally I’m back on WordPress. Actually was bit busy with end semester exams of MBA (Masters of Business Administration). So yeah, just over with my final exams of MBA and with my College life( bit sad though).

Month back before exams,I was so excited that after college ends I’m gonna do this and that blah blah.But,on the last day of college I was thinking during giving my last written exam that today I would be done with my exams and everything but real exam of life is yet to happen. How I’m gonna confront the exam of life? And that thought made me felt sad for a bit.But it’s life and you have to get through it.

So,after giving my last exam my friends and I clicked pictures and selfies to capture the best memories of college life. The two years of MBA finally came to an end. After then,me and my friends went to some nearby mall and had lunch and shared the good and bad memories. And in the evening we went for the farewell party which our university had organised for the final year students. We reached to the venue and we danced our heart out to the beats of Bollywood, Hollywood and yes Punjabi beats( for sure) to make the most of memories of the last day. And then I returned home around 9:30 pm. After going to bed,suddenly I shed tears of joy that I finally post-graduated. It was a mixed feelings of joy and sadness.

I surely gonna miss my college life throughout my life. What I learnt from these two years is that just “live the present”. Don’t think about past and future. God is there to take-care of your future and you. You just make sure that you live your present beautifully.

So, in the end I am sharing with you some pictures of the last day of the college and farewell party.


20180408_010149 (1).png
With the college buddies!!!


Adios College life!!


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