Sunday Secret Story


Hello, my WordPress Family! So, from today onwards I’m going to start my own “Blog Series”  which is “Sunday Secret Story”. In this series, I will be sharing hacks for anything which I opt in my daily life. It can be anything from beauty hacks to homedecor hacks or fashion related hacks. We will see how this series goes…

So, the topic for the today’s “Sunday Secret Story” is “Tips & Tricks for Fresh Looking Face”. 

We the women, always desire to have a fresh looking skin without using make-up. I am the person, who is not really into make-up. In my 25 years of life, I never applied foundation on my face. Becz I know, it’s very pernicious to my skin, although it has some magical results for a few period. So, Instead of purchasing high-end products, I try to prefer taking products from my kitchen( which is cheap & quite beneficial). Using home-made products does wonders to your skin. To keep my skin hydrating & fresh, before going to bed, I just take ice cubes from my fridge, and rub it all over my face. This gives my face an instant glow and you will so fresh from inside as well. The second trick that I use is “applying camphor” on my face. It will help to get rid of your pimples and dark circles. Try using this before going to bed at night. You will able to see the results within a week if you try these tricks daily. Also, last but not least, try drinking plenty of water, at least 12 glasses a day. This is best tip to make your body and skin looks fresh & healthy.


I hope you guys liked all the three tips & tricks I mentioned above. Please let me know what’s your tips & tricks ???

Till then, see ya. Catch you next week with another blog of “Sunday Secret Story”.

Till then,

Love & Light


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