Miracle Happens!!

Today I’m going to share with you one incident that happened with me during the August last year 2017. Since I am a college student I cannot afford Ola and Uber for going to the college all the time. So, instead of Ola and Uber, I prefer to travel by Local train (It’s a lifeline of Mumbai City, India). And dude travelling by local trains Is not everybody’s cup of tea(Especially during working hours).


The major problem occurs during the monsoon period when all the trains get stuck in the middle of nowhere and delayed. It’s the worst period for Mumbaikars. Even cars get stuck in the traffic for hours. So yeah, one day like my daily routine I was heading to my college and was a bit late (thanks to Mumbai weather and local trains).

It generally takes 2 Hours (or more) to reach the college from my residence. After a long struggle, I reached Belapur station (Navi Mumbai/New Mumbai),the place where my college is situated.


Since I was getting late for the class so I was in big hurry to reach the college. And it was raining so heavily that all the roads were occupied with water. And in between of that my Sandal was broken. And I was so frustrated at that time, I was about to cry and then I picked my Sandal and started walking towards the college.

Suddenly one guy came towards me and asked me to help him out with directions. Since I was so frustrated I reacted him angrily saying that could he please ask someone else. And then he saw my Sandal in my hand and apologized me. Without reacting furthermore, I went forward as I was already late to attend the lecture.

After a minute or two, that guy came again and told me to wait where I was standing, so that he could bring glue to fix my sandal. I was a little bit happy at least somebody’s helping me out. Within two minutes, he came with a new pair of slippers.

I was so shocked and glad at the same time that I didn’t know how to react to him. Anyhow, I thanked him and asked for its price so that I can pay him back. But he refused to collect money from me and said to take it as a gift but still, I wanted to pay him so I was searching for my wallet in my bag and within a second he went away. And then I smiled and headed back to the college.

At that time, I realized there is still humanity in this world. There are good people in this world and because of them, this world Is running. It all depends when and where we meet them.

So, this blog is basically for that person who helped me without even knowing me. I don’t know your name, where you from but still, I will always be thankful to you.

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth”- Muhammad Ali.


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