A perfect Date Look!!!

Hey guys, so today I’m blogging about “How to get a perfect date look”. So, let’s get started. So to be frank, I’m not a big fan of makeup, I am more into simple makeup as it looks more natural.

1. Dress 👗

The dresses I prefer to wear on dates are more simple and elegant. The colours I basically opt to wear are black, white, peach, and olive green. I will post the picture of myself wearing white cotton shorts paired up with a white crop top. This looks so elegant and sexy at the same time. If you’re not comfortable with the look then, you can layer this up with denim jacket/shirt. Also, I didn’t wear any jewel as to keep this look very simple.


2. Makeup

As a base, I used Nivea creme to keep my face moisture. After that, I used ponds cream to give a pinkish touch. After applying creme, I applied Lakme Kajal and Maybelline mascara to give a perfect touch. For lips, I used boutique lip balm to keep my lips moisture. After that, I applied Nkyaa new matte lip colour which is in shade-boho. I will provide a picture of the lipstick below. This lipstick is super affordable and also last long. It only cost 250 bucks. You can get your hands on to this lipstick using Nkyaa app.

Nkyaa mini matte lipstick in shade- Boho


I paired this look with flat glossy shoes that I purchased from Reliance footwear store. This is also super affordable only 499 bucks.


I wore a yellow bag to complete this look. This bag is popping out on this look, giving an elegant yet sexy look. Basically, I got this bag from my nearby Miniso store.

Bag from Miniso- a Japanese store

So, this my simple yet sexy summer date look. Hope you guys liked it. If you guys want such more content, do let me know in the comment section.

Till then love & luck!!



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