First Post of 2020

ECA9A394-457A-4291-85D8-831A7DB54ADFHEY MY WORDPRESS FAM!!! Hope you’ll are doing great!!!

It’s been a months that I posted a blog, as I was too busy with my work life and in between I was ill as well. So, last day I decided to resume my writing as I got some time from my work routine these days (thanks to Coronavirus).  I have never thought that we would face this situation in our lives, where we all were stuck in our homes for months. It’s almost a month that I haven’t stepped out from my home. I just pray that we are safe and sound during this pandemic event.

So, as you guys know that I stay in Pune as I have a job there. The first case of Covid-19 in Maharastra, India was in Pune. When everyone got the information, I thought it won’t be that serious, it’s only just a one case. Then, eventually cases started increasing day by day and people started panicking. This is happening in the month of Mid-Feb. Still, after all this, we were going to our offices and doing our normal routine work. Then on 15th of Feb, we got a mail from our CEO that we need to do work from home. Then, I decided that I should better leave Pune and go back to my parents home, Indore. And, it was a good decision indeed. Luckily, I got a bus from Pune to Indore on 16th Feb, Sunday and I reached on Monday morning. On Monday, the Maharastra govt. announced a state lockdown and all the transport will remain shut. Thankfully, I took a good decision to came back to my parents place, otherwise I would been stuck in Pune all alone. Day by day, things were getting crazy in India, the numbers were increasing, people are panicking more and packing buying grocery. Everything was crazy. And the lockdown increased for 21 days more. Earlier I thought it would be fun staying home, but then when days passed, the situation become terrible. I can’t put in my words, what I was feeling. Just doing office work, eating, and sleeping. This was my only routine during the quarantine. All the days were looking similar, no excitement for weekends. When we were coming closed to 21 days, the govt again extended the lockdown till April 30th so as to contain the spread as the numbers were still increasing.

So, this what happened in my life till now. I am planning to write one blog each day atleast during this lockdown.

Hope you like my blogs. See ya tom, till then Stay safe!


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