Two years of Work Life



Hello, my WordPress Family! Today this blog is about the completion of my two years of work life. Pretty crazy no? These two years were so crazy and full of a rollercoaster ride. But, yeah as a person these two years completely changed my personality and my way of thinking about this world. I used to be a person who doesn’t mind to show my emotions. If I feel sad, I will start crying, not in front of everyone but yeah alone may be in the restroom. When I joined my work-life, I was not aware of this corporate world and its horrifying politics. I was just a normal college pass out witnessing and exploring this whole new world. While I was enjoying this new world, deep inside I was scared of this world too. I started my work-life on July 25th, 2018. I joined as a Market Research Associate in a start-up called “Market Research Future” in Pune. I was very zealous about joining my first office, exploring a new phase of life. The first few months were very good, but then I got trapped in some office politics and I was having boss issues as well. These things were totally new for me, I was just a rookie employee, who is just unaware of all these experiences. But I liked said, “experiences”, It taught me a lot of new things, how to handle these situations without getting afraid of it. In these two years, I got engulfed with so many tough situations, it’s even impossible to describe as well. At first, I used to get emotional about these situations, but later I started handling situations smartly rather than being emotional about these work stuff. These two years have taught me how to handle different people and how to talk to them and how to react to difficult circumstances in a smart way.  This starting year of 2020, I joined a new firm Aera Technology as a “Market Research Specialist” and I just completed six months within here. One thing, what I learned from these two years is never take anything at heart, JUST NEVER. If something worse comes in your life, just handle and fought the situation like a warrior, rather getting emotional. Also, “do your best work, because, at the end of the day, your work will speak for you” and that’s what imperative in life. Just go with the flow, and if life throws hurdles at your path, try to surpass those hurdles bravely. This is Life, in the end, all these hurdles are nothing but “collection of experiences”, that will lead you in future and makes you a better person. So, this is it. I am so happy for completing my two years and looking forward to many many more…. Till then, love & luck 🙂



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