Day-99 of Lockdown!

8D8646C3-661B-4DDE-A05B-DBB7632CF381Hey, My WordPress family! It’s been a long time, I didn’t write anything, like a lot of things were happening in my life. Same as before, I was engulfed with my office work( by god grace) and house chores. Life is pretty unpredictable though. We never thought, something like Cornovirus would come in our world and we will be trapped within our four walls for like months. Pretty weird no? Going through this phase is not easy. Sometimes I feel alone, I feel like crying, sometimes I feel happy. All of the mixed emotions are going around my life. Every night, I sleep thinking, tomorrow everything will become sorted. We will be free like before. You know, we used to whine and ramble about our office routine always. But now see, due to this lockdown we are begging that we can go back to the office again. Nobody knows when things will become sorted and when we will go back to our daily life. I miss my friends, I miss going out on weekends, going to watch movies. Everything is now on a halt. But what I am thinking right now, It’s better if we make most out of this time we have. So, I decided to use this time in a more productive way to burgeon myself. So, I recently started learning new words and idioms daily at least 5 to 10 words each day. So, till date, I have learned almost 100 words. It’s amazing. I feel so good. Also, I am utilizing my time by improving my skills with the Udemy course. This will later help to update my resume. Also, at night, I watch my fav Turkish drama and Dark series on Netflix( which I lately started). So, this how I keep my serenity by engaging with these activities. So, let’s hope everything becomes better soon and we all come out of this happy and healthy.

Till then, take care

Love & luck





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