First day of the year!!!!

Hello my WordPress family!!!

I am sure that you have enjoyed your new year eve well. As this is my first blog of the year, so, I decided to pen down my new year resolutions here. I hope that I hold on to these resolution for longer time.

New year resolutions 2K19:

1) Start eating healthy foods

2) Refrain myself from people having bad vibes

3) Read one book per month

4) One foreign tour before my b’day comes.

5) Promise to write one blog per month

6) Start drinking green tea

7) Excercise during weekends

8)Learn one new word per day

9) Start drinking fruit juice per day

10) Last but not the least, will stay fit and happy.

So, guys this is my new year resolutions list. I will try my best to stick to all of the above. Feel free to share your resolutions down the comment section.

Spread love & happiness!!!!

Till then, love & light



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