Skin Care Products Review!!

Hey guys!!! Happy Wednesday!!

So, today I’m gonna share my review on two skin care products from @biotique which I purchased from health and glow store. The two products that I got from @biotique are lip balm and papaya scrub.

Well, I’m person having chapped skin round the year. I tried variety of lip balms from various brands like Vaseline, Himalaya, and H&G. But, all these products disappointed me. And thereafter, I started avoiding using any lip balms and switched to normal coconut oil for lip care during night. Although it gives good result, but you can’t use it at office (obvious). So, one day I was reading blogs and I read few biotique lip balm reviews. The reviews were pretty good. So, I decided to give a shot. After using the product, I felt my lips softer and moistured for almost 8-9 hrs, even after eating food(Amazing no!) . Moreover, I started using this lip balm over lipstick that helps to stay lip care for longer duration. Also, the price of the lip balm is pretty easy on your pockets just 170 bucks, although I got this product for 140 bucks as there was 20% discount on health & glow store. Well, one should definitely give a try to this product. You can also find this product on @mynkykaa app. I will link down the product below.


So, moving on to my next product which is biotique papaya tan-removal scrub. I started using this product since two weeks and the results were pretty good. After applying the product, keep it for 10-15 mins and let it dry. Then wash it using lukewarm water. You will feel amazing after washing your face. It makes your skin moistured, soft, and add glow to your skin. Also, the amount that you receive in the product is very good with the price. The price for this product is around 140 bucks which is pretty good. Bonus point, it’s completely organic. You can get your hands on this product with using nkyaa app. I will link down the product below.

So guys, do let me know how did you like this product review blog. I will be back soon with more product reviews. Also, if you want to follow me on Instagram, here is my Instagram handle name -justneedaways. Do follow me πŸ™‚

Till then,

Love & Luck πŸ’œ



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