My 24th birthday!!!!

Hola my WordPress family!!!!!!

Finally I’m back to wordpress after two long months… Thanks to my work life!!!

And, today’s blog is dedicated to my 24th birthday celebration!!!!

My birthday falls on 6 September and I turned 24 this year. I was very thrilled as this year I was going to celebrate my birthday with my best friends. So, my bestie came from Mumbai just to celebrate my b’day in Pune. I took a day off on 5th September as my friend came a day before my birthday. I was so excited to meet her after months. After meeting, we started gossiping about each and everything from college to work life.

After that, we went for a lunch at Mainland China in Amanora mall,Pune . The ambience was so good. We literally had our stomachs full with loads of yummy desserts.

After having the delicious lunch we booked movie tickets for Indian horror movie ” Stree”. After watching the movie we arrived at my friend place to get ready for the party then we headed to club for the birthday celebration.

After arriving the club, we ordered mocktails and some Indian cuisine for dinner. Suprisingly, we got free mocktails as it was a ladies night that day in the club. Then I also got complementary fire shots for my birthday. After that, we went to the dance floor and groved to the beats of Hollywood and Bollywood music. We danced our heart out that night. And then, we came back home from the club around 1 am that night. After reaching home I cut my birthday cake.

It was truly my best birthday so far!!! Thanks to my best friends who put so much efforts for making my birthday so special one.

I hope you liked my blog and feel free to comment below. And I leave you here with some beautiful pictures from that night.. hope you guys like.

Me and my girls❤️
Always a poser!!

Till then,

love and light!!!!




Girl in the New City!!!!

Hello folks!!!!!

Sorry I couldn’t post anything in the July month because I was bit busy or I can say “hell lot of busy”(grins). Recently I moved to the city Pune from Mumbai for the job. I got placed in Pune. I am so excited to be a part of new city. My few school and college friends are also working here. So, it’s great for us as we can hangout in weekends.

The climate of pune is so subtle that you can never get enough of it. Everything is awesome from food to night clubs. It’s been a two weeks since I got shifted.

On my first weekend,I visited to my friend’s place for party. We went together for the dinner in the restro called “the coal shed”. It’s located in kharadi WTC. The ambience and the atmosphere was dead gorg. If you are staying nearby kharadi then you must head to this restro trust me. We ordered tuborg beer with some french fries and popcorns(it was complimentary) and after this we ordered something from Indian menu as we both were hungry. While glancing the atmosphere of the restro, we recalled our old school days memories. After having dinner,we moved to the dance floor and grove on hollywood and bollywood songs till we got tired and then we booked ola for heading to home. After reaching home we watched Scary Movie on Netflix and then slept.

It was indeed my best weekend in Pune.Thanks to my school buddy Shivangi who welcomed me.

So,guys this is My first post from Pune.I hope you guys liked it. And I am soon gonna start my own youtube channel #Justneedaways by the end of August or September this year with some freshly brewed content for you guys.

And if you guys want to add me on your instagram then do follow me on my instagram page. The name is: “needakhan216”.

Now, I am posting some pictures for you.

Till then

Love and light!!


work wear

Party scene

Because selfie is must!!!

Netflix Series Review!!

Hola my WordPress Family!! So, my next topic for blog is “Netflix Series” Review.

I am huge fan of series. I am so damn addicted that I end up watching the whole season in one go. So, Earlier I used to watch them on some random websites on the internet or I end up taking downloaded series from friends.

Two months back,I decided to take the subscription of Netflix. So far, I watched couple of series on Netflix and some of my favorites will be listed below with my personal ratings. So, if you’re a fan of series then this blog is just for “YOU”.



This is an American-comedy Web series casting Aziz Ansari real life Experiences. So, if you’re into comedy genre then you should go for this.



9) Fargo:

This series is related to the crime and American black comedy. The story starts little bit slow. The episodes are quite long and slow so, sometimes you will get bored of it, but this series is worth watch.So, “GO FOR FARGO”.




This is the American Comedy web series. It’s the story about a failed writer. It’s Basically a combination of Comedy,Sex stuff. The story line of this series is good. Starting three seasons are quite good after that it becomes little bit boring.


91zwvywslvl-_sl1500_ (1).jpg


This is the teen mystery and drama series which is based on the 2007 novel of Jay Asher. This series basically narrated the story of a young girl “Hannah Baker”of high school which has committed the suicide due to the various reasons and before committing suicide, she prepared tapes for every person who was responsible for her suicide. The concept of this story is quite appreciating because it’s focuses on the various issues that is faced by every teenager. And talking about the story line is quite Okay, there is no wow and astounding about this series. But yeah,it would be okay if you go for it.



6) House of Cards:

This is the American political thriller web series casting Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood. This series is showcasing the revenge, dirty politics of the government officials. It’s starts really very well with mystery and suspense in every episode. but after reaching season 3, it becomes quite boring. But the Kevin Spacey did an appreciating performance in the series.




This is the fictional mysterious American Web series that is based on Marvel Comic Book, casting Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones. Krysten Ritter has done an amazing act in this series. This is one of the bestest series and hence comes in my top 5 list. This series has so much suspense and mystery that you would end up watching the whole season in one night. So, A big big thumbs up to this series.




This is the American teen Web series that is based on the characters of Archie Comics. It’s story is basically the mixture of friendship,mystery,sex & comedy stuff. The story plot of Season 1 was quite good comparative to Season 2. After watching season 1, one can guess the story plot of the season 2. The Season 2 leaves you with a suspense,indicating the audience that season 3 will come soon. Overall its good. It’s Worth Watch.




This is the American legal Television Series,casting Patrick J adams, Gabriel Macht and Meghan Markle,Rick Hoffman and Sarah Rafferty playing the lead roles in the Series. Everything about this series is outstanding. All the actors played their role very well. The story line is also an amazing. One should really watch this series without thinking twice.



2) Breaking Bad:

This is the Neo-western crime American television series, Casting Bryan Cranston playing the role of Walter White. The story line is very amazing. It’s story about the chemistry teacher who discovers Cancer and to repay for the medical debts and for securing the family financially, he gets into meth-making business with his ex student. The story starts little slowly but it’s gets better after 3rd-4th episodes. The episodes are bit stretchy like 45-50 mins per episode, but its amazing series I must say. So, just pin-down this series in your list.



1)Stranger Things:

This is the sci-fi horror American web television series. Everything about this series is awesome. The kids Bobby Brown,Finn Wolfhard,Gaten Matarazzo,Noah Sahnapp and Caleb Mclaughin are in the lead role in the series.Every episode in this drama is full of suspense and horror which one can never resist. And these kids did pretty well job in the whole two seasons, this web series is highly appreciated around the globe. Season 3 is filming currently. And yes, the opening theme song of this series is also splendid.

And so, this series holds the top position in my list.



So Guys,I have listed up my top 10 Netflix Series and do let me know your favourite series in the comment section. I’ll be soon coming up with my top 10 Movies on Netflix.

Till then, LOVE LOVE!!!

Adios College Life!!!

Hola everyone!!!

So, finally I’m back on WordPress. Actually was bit busy with end semester exams of MBA (Masters of Business Administration). So yeah, just over with my final exams of MBA and with my College life( bit sad though).

Month back before exams,I was so excited that after college ends I’m gonna do this and that blah blah.But,on the last day of college I was thinking during giving my last written exam that today I would be done with my exams and everything but real exam of life is yet to happen. How I’m gonna confront the exam of life? And that thought made me felt sad for a bit.But it’s life and you have to get through it.

So,after giving my last exam my friends and I clicked pictures and selfies to capture the best memories of college life. The two years of MBA finally came to an end. After then,me and my friends went to some nearby mall and had lunch and shared the good and bad memories. And in the evening we went for the farewell party which our university had organised for the final year students. We reached to the venue and we danced our heart out to the beats of Bollywood, Hollywood and yes Punjabi beats( for sure) to make the most of memories of the last day. And then I returned home around 9:30 pm. After going to bed,suddenly I shed tears of joy that I finally post-graduated. It was a mixed feelings of joy and sadness.

I surely gonna miss my college life throughout my life. What I learnt from these two years is that just “live the present”. Don’t think about past and future. God is there to take-care of your future and you. You just make sure that you live your present beautifully.

So, in the end I am sharing with you some pictures of the last day of the college and farewell party.


20180408_005507 (2).png
Farewell Dress!!
20180408_010149 (1).png
With the college buddies!!!


Adios College life!!

Miracle Happens!!

Today I’m going to share with you one incident that happened with me during the August last year 2017. Since I am a college student I cannot afford Ola and Uber for going to the college all the time. So, instead of Ola and Uber, I prefer to travel by Local train (It’s a lifeline of Mumbai City, India). And dude travelling by local trains Is not everybody’s cup of tea(Especially during working hours).


The major problem occurs during the monsoon period when all the trains get stuck in the middle of nowhere and delayed. It’s the worst period for Mumbaikars. Even cars get stuck in the traffic for hours. So yeah, one day like my daily routine I was heading to my college and was a bit late (thanks to Mumbai weather and local trains).

It generally takes 2 Hours (or more) to reach the college from my residence. After a long struggle, I reached Belapur station (Navi Mumbai/New Mumbai),the place where my college is situated.


Since I was getting late for the class so I was in big hurry to reach the college. And it was raining so heavily that all the roads were occupied with water. And in between of that my Sandal was broken. And I was so frustrated at that time, I was about to cry and then I picked my Sandal and started walking towards the college.

Suddenly one guy came towards me and asked me to help him out with directions. Since I was so frustrated I reacted him angrily saying that could he please ask someone else. And then he saw my Sandal in my hand and apologized me. Without reacting furthermore, I went forward as I was already late to attend the lecture.

After a minute or two, that guy came again and told me to wait where I was standing, so that he could bring glue to fix my sandal. I was a little bit happy at least somebody’s helping me out. Within two minutes, he came with a new pair of slippers.

I was so shocked and glad at the same time that I didn’t know how to react to him. Anyhow, I thanked him and asked for its price so that I can pay him back. But he refused to collect money from me and said to take it as a gift but still, I wanted to pay him so I was searching for my wallet in my bag and within a second he went away. And then I smiled and headed back to the college.

At that time, I realized there is still humanity in this world. There are good people in this world and because of them, this world Is running. It all depends when and where we meet them.

So, this blog is basically for that person who helped me without even knowing me. I don’t know your name, where you from but still, I will always be thankful to you.

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth”- Muhammad Ali.

Mirror Speaks!!

I wonder why always people smile while taking the pictures? Why always people post their best pictures on the Social Media? Why always people show their strengths and hide their weakness and problems? The truth is everybody in the world wants to showcase their best version to everyone and avoid sharing their weakness and problems.

image 1 blog 3

The reason behind is that they don’t want to get judged by the others or afraid that people might use their weakness as their weapons to destroy them. It’s true, that there are some people who take advantages of your weakness and problems, happened to me as well. So, what’s the conclusion, whether you stop sharing your problems? The answer is No. Just be truthful to yourself and look in the mirror and it will say everything.


Ask yourself daily that you are feeling good or not, if not then ask why. This is the best way to analyse yourself. If you end up with lack of solutions then have a discussion with your friends or the loved ones. But don’t keep everything in your mind, because it leads to depression, stress etc.

There are some people in the world who always like to judge others on the basis of anything like because of their gender, color, caste, success, looks etc without even knowing the other side their life. It would be a better world if people stop interfering in others life and stop judging others.

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” ― Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist).

Catching Pebbles!!!

Are you the one who’s afraid of taking risks in your life? Only a few people in the world dares to take risks. Yeah, you heard it right! Taking a risk in the life is not bounded to success or failure but more related to having more experiences.  More risk means more experience and more experience means more knowledge.

blog two

Knowledge is linked to success and the best way to know accrue knowledge is taking risks in your life. Without taking a risks, you cannot experience the taste of success. Taking a risks will make you sundry or distinct from others.

blog pic 3

Here, pebbles signify the experiences of our life and if one gets successful in catching these pebbles will definitely succeed in life.These small experiences of our life will make a path to our success. So, just get out of your comfort zone, leave the things that refrain you from achieving what to want.


I hereby conclude this by adding a few lines taken from the famous poem by the famous poet Robert Frost. I have read this poem when I was in 10th standard.  The lines are;

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled, And that has made all the difference”. – Robert Frost.