Short Visit at Shaniwar Wada!!


Hello Folks!!

Recently, I visited to a mysterious fort situated at the heart of Pune, “Shaniwar Wada”. It was built in the 18th century by the Peshwas of Maharashtra of the Maratha empire. It is one of the haunted places in the country, India. In 1773, Naranyanrao, who was the fifth and ruling Peshwa then, was murdered by guards on orders of his uncle Raghunathroa and aunt Anandibai. Many people says that Narayanrao’s ghost still asks for help during full moon nights.


I visited this place in afternoon during the mid month of April. The fort gets closed at 5:30pm. The ticket to visit this fort will cost you around 25 Indian Rupees, per person. It’s better if you plan to visit this place during monsoon. But, i was so excited to visit that i didn’t wait for monsoon to come.

The fort is surrounded by lots of greenery and also, there is one giant garden in the middle of the fort. In the corners of each fort, you will see lots of stairs which will lead you to the top of the fort. Also, you will see beautiful glimpse of the city from the top. The scene from the top of the fort is so mesmerizing that you will end up taking tons of pictures for your insta feed.


My experience in Shaniwar Wada was really good. Here people also comes along with their family for picnics. One should really pay visit to this amazing fort coming to Pune.

So guys, I hope you liked this post. I will make sure to be more active here and write blogs more often.

And yes, I leave you guys here with some pictures I clicked during my visit to Shaniwar Wada.

Till then,

Love and Shine!!



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