Girl in the New City!!!!

Hello folks!!!!!

Sorry I couldn’t post anything in the July month because I was bit busy or I can say “hell lot of busy”(grins). Recently I moved to the city Pune from Mumbai for the job. I got placed in Pune. I am so excited to be a part of new city. My few school and college friends are also working here. So, it’s great for us as we can hangout in weekends.

The climate of pune is so subtle that you can never get enough of it. Everything is awesome from food to night clubs. It’s been a two weeks since I got shifted.

On my first weekend,I visited to my friend’s place for party. We went together for the dinner in the restro called “the coal shed”. It’s located in kharadi WTC. The ambience and the atmosphere was dead gorg. If you are staying nearby kharadi then you must head to this restro trust me. We ordered tuborg beer with some french fries and popcorns(it was complimentary) and after this we ordered something from Indian menu as we both were hungry. While glancing the atmosphere of the restro, we recalled our old school days memories. After having dinner,we moved to the dance floor and grove on hollywood and bollywood songs till we got tired and then we booked ola to head home. After reaching home we watched Scary Movie on Netflix and then slept.

It was indeed my best weekend in Pune.Thanks to my school buddy Shivangi who welcomed me.

So,guys this is My first post from Pune.I hope you guys liked it. And I am soon gonna start my own youtube channel #Justneedaways by the end of August or September this year with some freshly brewed content for you guys.

And if you guys want to add me on your instagram then do follow me on my instagram page. The name is: “needakhan216”.

Now, I am posting some pictures for you.

Till then

Love and light!!


work wear

Party scene

Because selfie is must!!!

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