Mauve is the new nude!! πŸŒΈπŸŒΈ

Hola my WordPress family!!! Happy Thursday y’all!!

Today, I’m here to give a review of my new mauve dress that I purchased from forever 21. So, let’s get started 🌟 🌟

To be frank, I have been eyeing on this mauve dress for so so long, can’t even tell you guys. One year back, I saw this dress on the insta blogger page. So, I started stalking this dress on different online website but didn’t find anywhere. Then one day I was just checking forever 21 webpage, there I found this dress. The day I saw this dress, I knew it was made for me. But, after finding the dress on the website, got to know that it’s costly( obvious though as it’s from f 21). The price of the dress was around 1800-2000bucks, which is pretty costly for me. Although, I’m a fashion savy, I still calculate a lot before purchasing anything. So, I waited for sale to come. But unfortunately, there was no sale near. One day, I went to the f21 store in my nearby mall. There was some 50% sale going on. I thought to check if I find that dress or not. Luckily, I found the dress and it was on discount. I suddenly grabbed that dress and went to the trial room. The dress was definitely made for me only. Then I went to counter and billed the dress. On the next weekend, I decided to wear this dress for weekend brunch. The dress was literally appreciated by all of my friends.

Mauve dress🌸

A perfect dress for day out date plans!!! I kept the look very simple and paired this dress with matching shoes.

I hope you guys enjoyed this look. If you guys also liked this dress. I will share the link of this product down below.

Also guys, I decided to post blogs daily as I’m close to my b’day month. This is something new I planned this year. #28daysleftfor25

Till then,

love and shine🌸🌼


Also, if you guys want to follow me on my Instagram handle, given below are my insta ids🌸🌼

Official: justneedaways06

Personal: needakhan216


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