Strings of Love Part-1!!

2019-07-29-00-11-18-451Love is something which cannot be defined with words. Back in the years, I was that person who never believed in love, emotions, and attachments. I used to be that person who always think like “how someone can stay with one person forever like ever ?”. This was the only question that was always there back in my mind. But, after a few years, when I met one guy, then I realized that true love exists and also, a person can live their entire life with just one person if they’re deeply and madly in love with them. The moment I met that person I realized he’s meant for me only. So cute, happy, tall, sweet, intelligent, funny, and smart,  all at the same time. The more I started talking to that person, the more I wanted him badly, There was something spark in his eyes that always attracted me towards him. It was the best feeling I wanted to live with till my entire life….. and saga continues in my next blog.

Till then,

Love & Luck

#JustNeedaways ❤



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